Become a Building Inspector

If you have a background in construction, gaining ICC building inspector certification is quicker and easier than you think!

A career in building inspection service provides excellent pay and excellent benefits. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, building inspector jobs pay on average more than $59,000 per year. Furthermore, building inspector salary tops out at more than $95,000 for the top 10% of construction and building inspectors.

New Home Building Inspection With ICC B1 Residential Building Inspector Certification

Demand is growing! Building departments require periodic Inspection during residential and commercial construction. Moreover, the use of a building inspection service is becoming mandatory in the savings and loan industry. Problems are forcing bank examiners to scrutinize every loan record and application.

  • Cities and municipalities require multiple inspections throughout the construction and permitting process.
  • Most banks have approved certified building inspectors and appraisers examine the property before issuing home mortgages.
  • Most Insurance companies require a residential or commercial building inspector report on a property before they issue policies.
  • Home buyers, are increasingly wary of rising repair costs and dropping property values. They often hire a building inspector to investigate property before making a purchase.

With a little TLC, getting your Residential and Commercial Building Inspector certification is more accessible than ever before!

It’s easy to add ICC Building Inspector certification to your resume

  • Everyone 18 and older is qualified to take the ICC Inspector Certification Exam.
  • No work experience required.
  • ICC Inspector Certification is recognized across America! ICC inspectors can work in multiple states and jurisdictions!
  • Most building departments require you to pass the B1 and/or the B2 inspector exam as a minimum requirement prior to employment.
  • Contractors, Tradesmen, or Real Estate professionals can easily make extra income by performing building and home inspection. Certification is valid in every state in the US.
  • Our Home study ICC building inspector certification classes thoroughly prepare you to pass your ICC exam. You will receive your ICC Building Inspector certification.
  • Our courses save you serious money. Prepare for and pass your ICC inspectors exam without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.

As little as ten years ago approximately 35% of all home mortgage loans required some form of examination. Now 90% of all federally insured lending institutions require a complete inspection before granting loans!

Five Reasons TLC Can Help You Pass the ICC Building Inspector exam

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What We Bring To The Table

ICC B1 Certification can increase your value in the workforce
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  • We help you with filling out your ICC exam application and scheduling your test date

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All our programs have BOTH a seven-day evaluation period and our pass-fail guarantee. If you don’t see the value in what you have purchased, you can return it!