You must have a copy of the 2015 IMC International Mechanical Code to use this program!

Pass the ICC M2 Exam! The ICC Inspector Certification exam is an open book test. You must possess a copy of the 2015 IMC when taking the ICC P2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector Exam.


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Course Outline

2015 IMC is a Required Codebook for 2015, M2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector Exam.

Establishes minimum regulations for mechanical systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The IMC® was developed with broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials, methods, and design.

The 2015 IMC® contains many important changes including:

  • Condensate pumps located in uninhabitable spaces and used with condensing fuel-fired appliances and cooling equipment must be connected to the appliance or equipment to prevent water damage if the pump fails.
  • The ventilation system for enclosed parking garages must operate continuously or be automatically controlled for intermittent operation utilizing both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide detectors.
  • The new text recognizes the use of dryer exhaust duct power ventilators (DEDPV) for installations that exceed the allowable exhaust duct length for clothes dryers.
  • New text regulates the design and construction of exhaust shafts that serve domestic kitchen exhaust systems in multi-story buildings.


ISBN-10: 1609834798
ISBN-13: 978-1609834791

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