Pass the ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician Exam

Learn how to become an ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician (Online and self-paced)

If your state, county, or city licensing agency requires you to pass the ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician exam, complete our online ICC exam preparation course, then schedule your ICC 533 exam through Pearson|VUE.



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Pass the ICC SD 533 Class B Electrician Exam

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How To Use Our Online Study Center

STUDY our “Navigating the 2020 NECA Code Primer – This eManual will familiarize you with the code’s structure within the nine chapters of the 2020 NEC. National Electrical Code.

PRACTICE answering realistic exam questions using the methods explained in our “Navigating the 2020 NEC”. Over 1,300 code-specific practice questions and answers and unlimited full-length, timed final exams. 

The course includes:

  • eManual (Navigating the 2020 NEC. A Code Primer)
  • Printable Worksheets (Companion to 2020 NEC eManual)
  • Online Practice Questions (Practice looking up answers in your codebook, take full length simulated exams)

eManual – NAVIGATING THE 2020 NEC: A Code Primer

Our “NAVIGATING THE 2020 NEC” eManual helps students review the (NEC) National Electrical Code.
When you master the code, you master your Exam!

This eManual is the starting point for the TLC Certification Training Program. It will familiarize you with the use, layout, and content of chapters 1 through 9 of the 2020 NEC.

eManual includes:

  • The purpose and layout of the code
  • How to navigate the NEC
  • Codebook navigation exercises, speed drills
  • Using the Table of Contents
  • Breaking down questions by subject (Chapters 1-9)
    • Keyword Identification, how to Identify the subject of a question for easy reference.
    • How to search for a code article by referencing the INDEX
    • Code reference example questions with in-depth solutions.

You are allowed to use the 2020 NEC codebook when taking your ICC 533 Exam!


Our online practice questions provide you with a framework to practice utilizing your 2020 NEC Codebook. Constantly utilizing your codebook to answer test questions builds up your speed and code knowledge. Our course provides you with the required skill set to pass your ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician exam.

Four modes of study!

  • Chapter Study Mode: Covers over 1,300 ICC 533 exam practice questions & answers. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Flashcard Mode: Online Virtual Flashcards provide randomized access to our entire question set and are an ideal setting to practice answering exam questions. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Chapter Tests: Provides real-time feedback on each chapter of our study materials, enabling you to concentrate on chapters that need improvement.
  • Simulated Final Exams: Simulates the taking of your ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician exam.
    • Full length (Exact  number of questions as on 533 Exam)
    • Timed (Exact amount of time as actual ICC 533 exam)
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ICC 533 Class B Electrician Exam Breakdown

When performing electrical work in a city, county, or state that requires ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electrician certification, that jurisdiction requires you to take and pass an ICC 533 examination based on the NEC.



  • General Knowledge and Plan Reading: 12%
    • Electrical Theory and General Electrical Load Calculations
    • Code Definitions and Terms
  • Services and Service Equipment: 22%
    • Service Load Calculations
    • Service Equipment & Service Conductors
    • System Grounding and Bonding
  • Feeders: 13%
    • Load Calculations
    • Equipment Grounding
  • Branch Circuits and Conductors: 25%
    • Branch Circuit Calculations
    • Required Outlets & GFCI /AFCI Protection
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Equipment Grounding
    • Conductor
  • Wiring Methods and Materials: 13%
    • Raceway Installations
    • Boxes and Enclosures
    • Flexible Cords and Cables
  • Equipment and Devices: 8%
    • Luminaires
    • Receptacles, Switches, and Other Devices
    • Appliances and Other Equipment
  • Special Occupancies, Equipment, and Conditions: 7%
    • Swimming Pools and Similar Installations
    • Low Voltage, Circuits, Alarm & Similar Systems

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These bulletins answer most questions raised by examination candidates. Please read them carefully, as they are a helpful reference throughout your registration and examination process.

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About the ICC 533 South Dakota Class B Electricianexam.

This information regarding the ICC 533 exam is provided to you as a courtesy. Check with ICC at and/or Pearson|VUE at to verify this information’s accuracy.

  • Contact the appropriate building department for specific licensing requirements.
  • Passing an ICC national standard exam is NOT a license to practice and does not guarantee a license in any jurisdiction.
  • To acquire a license to practice, you must apply to the specific state licensing agency or building department and meet all of their licensing requirements.

Pearson|VUE requirements/recommendations for scheduling the ICC 533 exam.

IMPORTANT: ICC has been split into different testing programs on its website. You will need to know the three-digit exam code before registering for your Contractor/Trades exam. Each testing program will require a unique username and password.

The Contractor/Trades program is also split into exams that require pre-authorization and exams that do not require pre-authorization. View the current exams that require pre-authorization OR do not require pre-authorization.

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2020 NEC Softcover
Required Codebook (Sold Separately) $130.45

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Take our Free ICC SD 533 Class B Electrician Exam

Pass this 20 question free ICC South Dakota 533 Class B Electrician test, learn where you stand! Based on the 2020 NEC, these free electrician practice questions are similar to those on the actual ICC 533 SD Class B Electrician exam.


  • If you answer sixteen or more of these free practice questions correctly, you are in pretty good shape.
  • However, if you miss four or more questions, get this course, you are in danger of failing your exam.

The NEC defines a conductor’s ampacity as ‘the maximum current, in amperes, that a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

A way to ___________ ungrounded conductors supplying devices or equipment supplied on the same yoke by two or more branch circuits must be made available where the branch circuits start.

Correct! Wrong!

Where a cable or raceway type wiring method is installed through bored holes in joist, rafters, or wood members, in both concealed and exposed locations, holes must be bored so that the edge of the hole is __________ in. or more from the nearest edge of the wood member. Where the distance is not possible, the cable or raceway must be protected from penetration by nails or screws by use of a steel bushing or plate, __________ in thick or more, and of the correct length and width installed to cover the area where the wiring is located.

Correct! Wrong!

Circuit breakers used as switches, and switches, must be in a location so that they can be operated from a readily accessible place, and must be placed so that when the center of the grip of the operating handle of the circuit breaker or switch is in its highest position, it is __________ or less above the working platform or floor. Exceptions ignored.

Correct! Wrong!

Flexible cords in Class I locations that apply 501.140(A)(5) must be __________ between the utilization equipment to the temporary portable assembly and between the temporary portable assembly and the power source.

Correct! Wrong!

All 15- and 20-ampere, single-phase, 125-volt receptacles shall be protected by a GFCI if they are within what minimum distance to the inside walls of a permanently installed swimming pool?

Correct! Wrong!

In emergency circuits, branch-circuit overcurrent devices are accessible only to __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

During lightning events, limiting the length of the primary protector grounding conductors for communications circuits assists in reducing voltage between the buildings communications systems and __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

Where K=12.9, what is the approximate voltage-drop on a circuit where an 80-ampere, 240-volt, single-phase load is supplied with size 3 AWG copper conductors with THWN insulation, and placed 200 feet from a panelboard?

Correct! Wrong!

When electrical metallic tubing (EMT) is installed in a 50 foot conduit run, what is the minimum trade size required for enclosing eight (8) size 6 AWG copper conductors with THHW insulation?

Correct! Wrong!

When a dwelling has a 1500 sq. ft. floor area, an unfinished attic, an unfinished cellar not adaptable for future use, and open porches. It has a 12-kW range and a 5.5 kW, 240-V dryer for appliances. Assume kW ratings for both are equivalent to kVA ratings in accordance with Article 220.54 and 220.55. The number of branch general light circuits is at least:

Correct! Wrong!

What total minimum volt-amperes (VA) shall be included when calculating the demand load for small-appliance and laundry circuit loads a one-family dwelling?

Correct! Wrong!

The minimum required size 75° C rated copper conductors for a demand load of 200 amperes when installed in an area with an expected ambient temperature of 120° F is __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

Outlets that supply boat hoists installed in dwelling unit locations and supplied by ___________ shall have ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel.

Correct! Wrong!

Snap switches must not be ganged or grouped in enclosures with other receptacles, snap switches, or similar devices, unless they are placed so that voltage is ___________ volts or less between adjacent devices, or unless placed in enclosures with securely installed, identified barriers between adjacent devices.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the allowable ampacity of three (3) current-carrying conductors, size 500 kcmil 75° C rated copper, encased in intermediate metal conduit (IMC) located less than 7/8 inches above a rooftop and exposed to direct sunlight with an expected ambient temperature of 86° F?

Correct! Wrong!

What is the full-load current rating of a 3/4 Hp, 120-volt, single-phase AC motor?

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The size of conductors can be expressed in AWG (American Wire Gauge), or__________ ?

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For supplying a fixed electric space heating unit with heating elements having a full-load current rating of 125 amperes and a blower motor with a full-load current rating of 2.5 amperes, what is the minimum size 75° C rated copper conductors required?

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What is required for a control transformer when a 240-volt wye-connected motor gets power from a converted single-phase source, and it is intended to connect a 120/240-volt transformer to control the motor on the load side of the converter?

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