Pass the ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) Exam

Learn how to become an ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) (Online and self-paced)

If your state, county, or city licensing agency requires you to pass the ICC G11 National Standards General Building Contractor Exam (A), complete our online ICC exam preparation course, then schedule your G11 exam through Pearson|VUE.



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Pass the ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) Exam

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Refresh your 2018 IBC code knowledge and familiarize yourself with the Concrete Manual, Based on the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14. Successfully prepare for your ICC G11 certification exam without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Our ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) exam preparation course is your best, most affordable path to success!

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How To Use Our Online Study Center

STUDY our “Navigating the 2018 IBCA Code Primer – This eManual will familiarize you with the code’s structure within the 35 chapters of the 2018 IBC. ICC International Building Code.

STUDY our “Navigating the Concrete Manual: Based on the 2015 IBC and the ACI 318-14This eGuide focuses specifically on how to navigate the Concrete Manual.

PRACTICE answering realistic exam questions using the methods explained in our “Navigating the 2018 IBC” and “Navigating the Concrete Manual.” Over 1,100 code-specific practice questions and answers and unlimited full-length, timed final exams. 

The course includes:

  • eManual (Navigating the 2018 IBC. A Code Primer)
  • eGuide (Navigating the Concrete Manual)
  • Printable Worksheets (Companion to 2018 IBC eManual & Concrete Manual eGuide)
  • Online Practice Questions (Practice looking up answers in your codebook, take full length simulated exams)

eManual – NAVIGATING THE 2018 IBC: A Code Primer

Our “NAVIGATING THE 2018 IBC” eManual helps students review the (IBC) International Building Code.
When you master the code, you master your Exam!

This eManual is the starting point for the TLC Certification Training Program. It will familiarize you with the use, layout, and content of chapters 1 through 35 of the 2018 IBC.

eManual includes:

  • The purpose and layout of the code
  • How to navigate the IBC
  • Codebook navigation exercises, speed drills
  • Using the Table of Contents
  • Breaking down questions by subject (Chapters 1-35)
    • Keyword Identification, how to Identify the subject of a question for easy reference.
    • How to search for a code article by referencing the INDEX
    • Code reference example questions with in-depth solutions.

You are allowed by ICC to use the 2018 IBC codebook when taking your ICC G11 Exam!

eGuide – Concrete Manual: Based on the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14: A Book Review.

Our “NAVIGATING THE ICC CONCRETE MANUAL: Based on the 2015 IBC and the ACI 318-14” eGuide focuses specifically on how to navigate the Concrete Manual.

This eGuide reviews the use, layout, chapters, and index of the Concrete Manual:

eGuide includes:

  • How to navigate the Concrete Manual
  • Using the Table of Contents
    • Guided study of the Concrete Manual
  • Using the Index
    • Keyword Identification, how to Identify the subject of a question for easy reference.

You are allowed by ICC to use the Concrete Manual when taking your ICC G11 Exam!


Access eManuals, Study Questions, and Simulated Exams From Any Device With Internet Access!

Our online practice questions provide you with a framework to practice utilizing your 2018 IBC Codebook and Concrete Manual. The process of constantly utilizing your codebook or the approved reference material to answer test questions builds up your speed and code knowledge. Our course provides you with the required skill set to pass your ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor exam.

Four modes of study!

  • Chapter Study Mode: Covers over 1,100 ICC G11 exam practice questions & answers. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Flashcard Mode: Online Virtual Flashcards provide randomized access to our entire question set and are an ideal setting to practice answering exam questions. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Chapter Tests: Provides real-time feedback on each chapter of our study materials, enabling you to concentrate on chapters that need improvement.
  • Simulated Final Exams: Simulates the taking of your ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor exam.
    • Full length (Exact  number of questions as on G11 Exam)
    • Timed (Exact amount of time as actual ICC G11 exam)
    • Randomized (Questions are randomized, all exams are unique)
    • Properly Balanced (Balanced according to the ICC Exam schedule guaranteeing a realistic ICC G11 exam simulation)

Take as many simulated final exams as you want! (These exams help you to gain the knowledge, speed, and confidence needed to pass your ICC G11 exam effortlessly)

One-year online access: Full access membership to our online study center. Experience the convenience of learning at home or in the office, saving valuable travel time to an in-person course.


ICC G11 Exam Breakdown

A G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) holds a license to construct, demolish, remodel, or repair any structure or addition.

You are allowed to use a copy of the 2018 IBC and the Concrete Manual when taking your G11 exam.


  • Permits and General Regulations: (19%)
    • Regulations and Job Planning
    • Code Definitions and Terms
  • Building Planning and Life Safety: (31%)
    • Use and Occupancy and Types of Construction
    • Fire and Smoke Alarms and Fire Protection
    • Occupancy Needs and Interior Environment
    • Exiting and Means of Egress
    • Accessibility
  • Structural Systems: (42%)
    • Footings and Foundations
    • Concrete
    • Floors
    • Wall Framing and Stairs
    • Roof Ceiling Construction Roof Assembly
    • Masonry
  • Building Envelope: (8%)
    • Interior Finishes
    • Glass and Glazing
    • Exterior Finishes and Roof Coverings

Please click the following link to read/download the ICC Candidate Information Bulletin.

This bulletin answers most questions raised by examination candidates. Please read it carefully. You will find it a useful reference throughout your registration and examination process.

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About the ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) exam.

This information regarding the ICC G11 exam is provided to you as a courtesy. Check with ICC at and/or Pearson|VUE at to verify this information’s accuracy.

  • Contact the appropriate building department for specific licensing requirements.
  • Passing an ICC national standard exam is NOT a license to practice and does not guarantee a license in any jurisdiction.
  • To acquire a license to practice, you must apply to the specific state licensing agency or building department and meet all of their licensing requirements.

Pearson|VUE requirements/recommendations for scheduling the G11 exam.

IMPORTANT: ICC has been split into different testing programs on the Pearson|VUE website. You will need to know the three-digit exam code before registering for your Contractor/Trades exam. Each testing program will require a unique username and password.

The Contractor/Trades program is also split into exams that require pre-authorization and exams that do not require pre-authorization. View the current exams that require pre-authorization OR do not require pre-authorization.

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2018 IBC Softcover
Required Codebook (Sold Separately) $170.05

The scope of the (IBC®) International Building Code® includes all buildings except detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories.



Codebook Navigation Aid (Sold Separately) $14.35

Tab your Codebook. Fast-Tabs help you navigate the 2018 IBC quickly and efficiently. Fast-tabs are a must-have item for IBC users and can dramatically lower the time spent searching through the codebook.

You are allowed by ICC to use our IBC Code Fast Tabs when taking your B2 Exam!

Concrete Manual
Required Manual (Sold Separately) $91.00

The Concrete Manual, Based on 2015 IBC & ACI 318-14, provides all the information that inspectors and other construction professionals need to become proficient in concrete field practices and inspection.

Take our Free ICC G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) Exam

Pass this 20 question free G11 General Building Contractor (A) test, learn where you stand!

These free G11 general contractor practice questions, based on the 2018 IBC and Concrete Manual, are similar to those on the G11 General Contractor exam.


  • If you answer sixteen or more of these free ICC G11 practice questions correctly, you are in pretty good shape.
  • However, if you miss four or more questions, get this course, you are in danger of failing your ICC G11 exam.

Every permit issued becomes invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within __________ days.

Correct! Wrong!

Openings in exterior walls in adjacent stories must have a vertical separation to protect against fire spread on the exterior of the buildings where the openings are within __________ of each other horizontally.

Correct! Wrong!

Of the following aggregates, which is considered to be reactive?

Correct! Wrong!

__________ is masonry in which the tensile resistance of the masonry is taken into consideration and the effects of stresses in reinforcement are neglected.

Correct! Wrong!

In Group R-3 occupancies, the installation of a skylight without a curb is permitted on roofs with a min. slope of __________.

Correct! Wrong!

Concrete will have a higher strength if made with well graded aggregates with a maximum size of __________ than other mixes with the same water-cement ratio.

Correct! Wrong!

T rating is the time period that the penetration firestop system, including the penetrating item, limits the maximum temperature rise to __________ above its initial temperature through the penetration on the non-fire side.

Correct! Wrong!

At exterior gable end walls, in top plate connection, braced wall panel sheathing in the top story must be extended and fastened to the roof framing where the spacing between parallel exterior braced wall lines is greater than __________.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the agreed-upon length of time that cement in a mixer can be exposed to moisture?

Correct! Wrong!

The area of a Group E building, a max. of 1-story above grade plane, and of a Type II construction, must not be limited if the building is surrounded and adjoined by public ways or yards a min. of ___________ width.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the minimum headroom clearance of stairways?

Correct! Wrong!

A standard terrazzo topping should be at least ________ inch(s) thick, after grinding.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the minimum air space clearance required between masonry chimneys located in the interior of a building and combustible components?

Correct! Wrong!

Occupancies with an occupant load of less than 50, must have a minimum corridor width of _________ inches.

Correct! Wrong!

In wall covering installations, the area of a single section of thin exterior structural glass veneer must be a max. of __________ where that section is a max. of 15 feet above the grade level directly below.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the maximum compressive strength that ultra-high performance concrete provides?

Correct! Wrong!

In light-frame construction, what is the minimum width of a footing that supports 2 floors?

Correct! Wrong!

In conventional light-frame construction, bored holes a max. of __________ of the stud width are permitted in nonbearing partitions or in any wall where each bored stud is doubled, provided not more than two such successive doubled studs are so bored.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the term for a self-compacting concrete that can flow into inaccessible and tight spaces?

Correct! Wrong!

The allowable shear value for wood structural panel shear walls utilizing staples with framing of Douglas Fir-larch seismic loading, must be __________ for 3/8 panel thickness with a minimum panel penetration of 1 applied directly to the framing fastened with 4 inch spacing at the perimeter of the panels with 1.5" 16 gauge staples into the framing.

Correct! Wrong!

2018 IBC + Concrete Manual
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