Pass the ICC Missouri Springfield Journeyman Plumber W25 Exam

Become ICC Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber W25 Licensed (Online and self-paced)

If your state, county, or city licensing agency requires you to pass the ICC W25 Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber exam, complete our online ICC exam preparation course, then schedule your exam through Pearson|VUE.



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Pass the ICC W25 Journeyman Plumber Exam

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How To Use Our Online Study Center

STUDY our “Navigating the 2018 IPCA Code Primer – This eManual will familiarize you with the code’s structure within the 15 chapters of the 2018 IPC. International Plumbing Code.

PRACTICE answering realistic exam questions using the methods explained in our “Navigating the 2018 IPC”. Over 1,000 code-specific practice questions and answers and unlimited full-length timed final exams. 

The course includes:

  • eManual (Navigating the 2018 IPC. A Code Primer)
  • Printable Worksheets (Companion to 2018 IPC eManual)
  • Online Practice Questions (Practice looking up answers in your codebook, take full-length simulated exams)

eManual – NAVIGATING THE 2018 IPC: A Code Primer

Our “NAVIGATING THE 2018 IPC” eManual helps students review the (IPC) International Plumbing Code. When you master the code, you master your Exam!

This eManual is the starting point for the TLC Certification Training Program. It will familiarize you with the use, layout, and content of chapters 1 through 15 of the 2018 IPC.

eManual includes:

  • The purpose and layout of the code
  • How to navigate the IPC
  • Codebook navigation exercises, speed drills
  • Using the Table of Contents
  • Breaking down questions by subject (Chapters 1-15)
    • Keyword Identification, how to Identify the subject of a question for easy reference.
    • How to search for a code article by referencing the INDEX
    • Code reference example questions with in-depth solutions.

You are allowed by ICC to use the 2018 IPC codebook when taking your ICC W25 Exam!


Access eManuals, Study Questions, and Simulated Exams From Any Device With Internet Access!

Our online practice questions provide a framework to practice utilizing your 2018 IPC Codebook. Constantly utilizing your codebook to answer test questions builds up your speed and code knowledge. Our course provides the required skills to pass your ICC W25 Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber exam.

Four modes of practice!

  • Chapter Study Mode: Covers over 1,000 ICC W25 exam practice questions & answers. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Flashcard Mode: Online Virtual Flashcards provide randomized access to our entire question set and are an ideal setting to practice answering exam questions. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location)
  • Chapter Tests: Provides real-time feedback on each chapter of our study materials, enabling you to concentrate on chapters that need improvement.
  • Simulated Final Exams: Simulates the taking of your ICC W25 Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber exam.
    • Full length (Exact  number of questions as on W25 Exam)
    • Timed (Exact amount of time as actual ICC W25 exam)
    • Randomized (Questions are randomized, all exams are unique)
    • Properly Balanced (Balanced according to the ICC Exam schedule guaranteeing a realistic ICC W25 exam simulation)

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ICC W25 Journeyman Plumber Exam Breakdown

When performing plumbing work in a city, county, or state that requires ICC W25 Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber certification, that jurisdiction requires you to take and pass an ICC W25 examination based on the IPC.

You are allowed to use a copy of the 2018 IPC when taking your ICC W25 exam.


  • Administration General Regulations (40%)
    • General Installation Requirements
    • Code Definitions and Terms
    • Testing
    • Materials
  • Plumbing Fixtures (17%)
    • Water Heaters
    • Water Closets and Urinals
    • Specialty Fixtures
  • Water Supply and Distribution (14%)
    • Service Distribution and Piping
    • Water Supply and Pressure
    • Protection of Potable Water Supply
  • Sanitary Drainage (13%)
    • Building Sanitary Drainage
    • Sumps and Ejectors
    • Indirect and Special Waste Systems
  • Plumbing Vent Requirements (7%)
    • Vent Connections and Grades
    • Vent Terminals
  • Traps, Interceptors, and Separators (7%)
    • Installation of Traps
    • Interceptors and Separators
  • Storm Drainage (2%)
    • Storm Drainage

Please click the following links to read/download the

These bulletins answer most questions raised by examination candidates. Please read them carefully, as they are a useful reference throughout your registration and examination process.

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About the ICC W25 Missouri Springfield Journeyman Plumber exam.

This information regarding the ICC W25 exam is provided to you as a courtesy. Check with ICC at and/or Pearson|VUE at to verify this information’s accuracy.

  • Contact the appropriate building department for specific licensing requirements.
  • Passing an ICC national standard exam is NOT a license to practice and does not guarantee a license in any jurisdiction.
  • To acquire a license to practice, you must apply to the specific state licensing agency or building department and meet all of their licensing requirements.

Pearson|VUE requirements/recommendations for scheduling the ICC W25 exam.

IMPORTANT: ICC has been split into different testing programs on its website. You will need to know the three-digit exam code before registering for your Contractor/Trades exam. Each testing program will require a unique username and password.

The Contractor/Trades program is also split into exams that require pre-authorization and exams that do not require pre-authorization. View the current exams that require pre-authorization OR do not require pre-authorization.

To create an account, schedule an exam, view exams, or find a test center, please go to

2018 IPC Softcover
Required Codebook (Sold Separately) $132.95

The (IPC®) International Plumbing Code® provides minimum regulations for plumbing facilities in terms of both performance & prescriptive objectives & provides for the acceptance of new & innovative products, materials, & systems.




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You are allowed to use our IPC Fast-Tabs when taking your W25 Exam!

Take our Free ICC W25 Journeyman Plumber Exam

Pass this 20 question free ICC W25 Journeyman Plumber test, learn where you stand! These free ICC W25 Plumber practice questions, based on the 2018 IPC, are similar to those on the ICC W25 Springfield Missouri Journeyman Plumber exam.


  • If you answer sixteen or more of these free ICC W25 practice questions correctly, you are in pretty good shape.
  • However, if you miss four or more questions, get this course, you are in danger of failing your ICC W25 exam.

A flush tank's fill valve backflow preventer must be __________ or more above the overflow pipe's full opening.

Correct! Wrong!

What is the maximum projected roof area that is approved for a semicircular 4-inch gutter in an area with a 1-inch per hour rainfall rate, and a 4-percent slope?

Correct! Wrong!

Before corrosive liquids that could harm drainage piping can be discharged into a sanitary drainage system, they must be __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

One trap may accommodate a combination plumbing fixtures, as long as one compartment of the fixture is 6 inches (152 mm) deeper or less than the other compartment, and that the fixture's waste outlets are ___________ apart or less.

Correct! Wrong!

Before connecting to the outside vent terminal, a vent or branch vent for multiple island fixture vents must extend at least ___________ above the highest island fixture that it is venting.

Correct! Wrong!

Shower liners must turn up 2 inches (51 mm) or more on all sides and must not be perforated or nailed above the finished threshold for at least __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

Continuous and semi-continuous flow into a drainage system shall have their drainage fixture unit values computed based on a flow being equivalent to how many fixture units?

Correct! Wrong!

Where there is more than one change of horizontal direction exceeding 45 degrees a developed length of piping from a cleanout, the first cleanout may serve for all changes of direction within that __________ feet.

Correct! Wrong!

A drinking water fountain with a single orifice of up to 7/16-inch in diameter or several orifices whose total area is up to 0.150 square inch (the equivalent area of a circle with a diameter of 7/16-inch) must have an air gap with a distance of at least:

Correct! Wrong!

If a hot water storage tank or storage tank-type water heater is installed where leakage from the tank will cause damage, it must be installed in a galvanized steel pan at least ____________ deep.

Correct! Wrong!

When there is space between the outside of a pipe and either an opening in a building envelope ceiling assembly, floor or wall penetrated by the pipe or the inside of a pipe sleeve must be:

Correct! Wrong!

Openings subjected to normal atmospheric pressure have installed on them a type of backflow preventer that works by admitting atmospheric pressure on the discharge side of the device through ports, which is called a __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

If there are different requirements in different sections of the code, the part that applies will be the one with the ___________ requirements.

Correct! Wrong!

A shower must have a waste outlet no less than 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) in diameter, and it must have a removable strainer with openings of not less than 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) in the smallest measurement, and the whole strainer have a diameter of at least __________ .

Correct! Wrong!

What must a food waste grinder do before discharging into a grease interceptor?

Correct! Wrong!

The distance between insulation materials and air admittance valves must be at least __________.

Correct! Wrong!

Where gravity flow cannot be used to discharge building subdrains to the sewer, then a tightly covered and vented __________ with automatic pumping equipment or other approved methods to lift liquid and discharge it into the building gravity drainage system will be used. Unless it is in an existing structure, this system may not receive any drainage that is able to be discharged into the building sewer by gravity.

Correct! Wrong!

A domestic kitchen sink with a food waste grinder and/or dishwasher must have a waste trap of at least ___________.

Correct! Wrong!

If a water table is less than __________ below the surface of the ground, then a private potable well supply may not be developed from it.

Correct! Wrong!

Temperature relief valves, pressure relief valves, combinations of these, and energy cutoff devices must have the label of an approved agency, and must have a temperature setting of up to __________.

Correct! Wrong!

2018 IPC